These are the Top 5 Carpet Maintenance Mistakes

1. I should wait until the carpet looks really dull and dirty then I will call the carpet cleaner.
This common mistake makes carpet cleaning difficult especially if the expectation is to make carpet looks like new again!
Known to many, the carpet readily collects dirt and airborne dust particles, together with microorganisms that attach themselves with the particles, which accumulate in the carpet over time. But in order to save cost, many people would only dial for help when carpet starts to smell or look “dirty”.
Do not undermine the effect of the collected rubbish in the carpet as they can cause abrasion whenever you walk on it thus causing the carpet to wear off prematurely. Vacuuming is a good daily carpet maintenance practice but by itself is not enough to thoroughly remove the deeply accumulated dirt after a long period of usage.
Yearly thorough carpet cleaning by professionals is highly recommended to fulfill the tasks such as remove accumulated dust, stains and eliminate lurking micro organism within the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning by professionals also helps to prolong the lifespan of your carpet, giving you higher chance to revive the carpet colour back to new again, remove stains, and improve indoor air quality in your indoor environment.

2. A carpet is considered dirty when it has many stains.
A spotless carpet may seem clean to our eyes but it can potentially inhibit myriad of fine dirt particles and microorganisms.
Especially commercial carpet, there is significantly high amount of chemical residue, airborne fine dust particles – brought in by footwear, clothing, air conditioner vents – and micro organism like dust mites, fungus and bacteria, that are found to be accumulated within the carpet piles.
While these airborne particles cannot be seen with our naked eyes, prolonged exposure to these indoor air pollutants, especially dust and house dust mite, have been proven to cause respiratory and skin problems especially those who are suffering from chronic allergy ailments like asthma, rhinitis and eczema.
By the time you find the carpet in your home or commercial premise starts to look dirty and produce unpleasant smell, the carpet would have contained an unhealthy level of dirt and micro organism that will produce poor indoor air quality.
Regular vacuuming and yearly professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended to maintain good hygiene to minimize the accumulation of dirt particles and micro organism in the carpet. Good carpet maintenance would improve the indoor air quality and result in healthier living and working environment.

3. All types of carpet cleaning methods are as good.
Different methods produce different results, depending on the type of technology used.
After many years of research and development to improve compound carpet cleaning technology, cleaning result produced by dry carpet cleaning using biodegradable compound has reached the same standard, if not better, as some of the popular methods like hot water extraction.
While many wet carpet cleaning methods produce satisfactory results, compound performance and benefits have surpassed the popular conventional carpet cleaning methods because compound carpet cleaning deeply clean the carpet, remove stain, dirt, and micro organisms effectively, and to its advantage, compound carpet cleaning does not require drying time, which give carpet users convenience and improved productivity.
Dry carpet cleaning also means that the carpet will not run risk of giving out unpleasant smell because of inadequate drying time after it is cleaned with moisture. The biodegradable compound used in compound carpet cleaning is chemical safe and will not run risk of causing chemical damage to the carpet, a risk commonly faced by some wet carpet cleaning systems because of the chemical and equipment used during the cleaning and drying process.

4. Any carpet cleaning company found in advertisement should be professional
It is a common misconception that any advertised company is reputable and will provide a professional cleaning service.
Unknown to many, there are many registered and advertised companies that are “one-man show”, meaning the company is owned and operated by the same person together with additional 1 to 2 assistants.
If you encounter an ethical and long sighted business owner who takes pride in his company’s job performance and reputation, you will be in a safe hand.
Unfortunately, there are too many one-man show companies who show little professionalism and give poor customer service. They do not have updated cleaning technologies and research development, and most importantly may not have the resources to provide accountable after sales service. A common complain when engaging a one-man show company is you may get an over-marketed service which tend to overpromise what the company can deliver from what is being marketed or advertised to the masses.
Before signing on the dotted line to approve your selected company to commence the carpet cleaning treatment, it is advisable to check on the company’s track record, type of proposed carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning product that will be used during the treatment, what kind of after sales support you will expect, and making sure that the proposed method is safe for your carpet.

5. I should engage a carpet cleaning company that offers the lowest price
Best sourcing is better than cheap sourcing. This theory can’t be truer because there are many people who have been burnt by cheap sourcing.
When a company offers you an incredibly cheap price compared to other competitors, there must be some elements or procedures in the cleaning process or business operation that are omitted in order to make the business viable and profitable. If the process trimming is done during the treatment, then you will expect a sub-standard result and risk in rapid re-soiling of carpet, or worse, long term damage to the carpet. The end loser is always the consumer.
As the saying goes, if you pay peanut, you will get peanut.

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