Important Points While Cleaning Your Carpets

Are you ready to clean your household carpets? If yes, I recommend you to read this article. There are some points which we should know before making an attempt to clean the carpets. Those points are:

1. Type of carpet you are using
2. Type of dirt it has
3. Weather at the time of cleaning

We can not adopt unprofessional methods to clean expensive carpets. Any kind of unprofessional cleaning can reduce the life span and color of your carpets. The average life span of a regularly cleaned carpet is much higher than those which are not cleaned regularly. While deciding the cleaning procedure for your carpets, you may need to take care of the materials used for it. There are different brands of carpets based on many kind of materials like wool, cotton or even silk. Each one has its own cleaning methods. Type of dirt present on your carpet is also an important factor in determining the proper cleaning methods. Dirt can be like dust particles, soil, pet stain, oils etc. Some kind of dirt is easy to remove while others are very difficult. Organic based dirt can cause too many damages to the atmosphere of your home. Organic dirt can breed germs and bacteria in your room and it create health issues to your dear ones. Another issue with organic dirt is, it can cause bad odor in your room. So while cleaning organic dirt we need to employee antiseptic precautions to remove these germs and bacteria.

Vacuum cleaning is one of the most accepted forms of carpet cleaning. Almost all kinds of carpets can be cleaned by vacuum cleaning. First of all we should decide the frequency of cleaning. It depends on the chances of getting dirt on the carpet. If the carpet is placed on a high traffic area, we may need to clean it multiple time in a day. In most cases vacuum cleaner can catch deep sealed dust particles from the carpet fibers. It is difficult to remove sticky dirt from the carpet using vacuum cleaner. In that case we need to follow other cleaning methods.

Most of the carpets are washable by pure water. Washing carpets with pure water can remove normal dirt but some kind of dirt like Grease stain will not be removed by it. So we may need to use hot water extraction and steam cleaning. In this method we are using proper cleansers with hot water and use this mixture to remove deep seared dirt from fibers. Same principle is applied to the steam cleaning too. Here we are using the steam of the cleaning solution to clean carpets. The two methods explained above are not suited for a normal home user. It is because of the use of heat, moisture and cleansers in those procedures.

We need to have proper cleaning devices and have an experience in handling these devices for the success of hot water extraction and steam cleaning methods. So for a home user the best cleaning methods they can afford are vacuum cleaning and washing carpets with pure water. These two methods do not need much technical skills and previous experience.

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