How to Choose a Good Carpet Cleaning Professional With Six Simple Steps Guaranteed

As many consumers have learned, the carpet cleaning industry is full of bait and switch con artists that are quick to take your money and run. The big question is how can you know if the carpet cleaning company are you about to hire is going to deliver quality and professional cleaning services or are they going to trick you into spending more money than you were originally quoted? Most of these companies will not only charge you more than originally quoted, they often complete a less than standard carpet cleaning job also?

This article is a free carpet cleaning resource and consumer message to all who are looking to hire a genuine and true carpet cleaning professional. This article also lists a number of steps to take in order to be sure you do not get fooled into spending more money than you were originally quoted. Here are the six questions you should ask any carpet cleaning technician before inviting them into your home:

  1. May I please see your certificate that shows you have passed a carpet cleaning examination?
  2. May I please see your insurance certificate of currency?
  3. May I please see some checkable references?
  4. Do you offer a written guarantee?
  5. Is the price you quote me over the phone (or written quote) going to be the same price I pay when you finish cleaning my carpets?
  6. Why should I choose you when there are so many other carpet cleaning companies out there?

Please remember this very important point, if you do not ask to see written proof of these questions then you might as well not ask them in the first place.

As many consumers have learned the hard way, there are numerous carpet cleaning companies out there who will tell you what you want to hear over the phone but when asked to present the evidence, you will get a quick slick and convincing answer but no evidence. If you really want to hire a genuine carpet cleaning professional then you should insist on seeing the evidence of the six questions above before you let any carpet technician near your expensive carpets. A genuine carpet cleaning professional will be more than happy to present the answers to your questions with written proof and most important a written guarantee without any hesitation.

These are the attributes of a carpet cleaner worth hiring. A dedicated carpet cleaning professional (more than likely) will have invested in a very expensive truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. A truck mount machine is a powerful cleaning machine capable of producing much higher temperatures and vacuum in comparison to the smaller portable machines that are wheeled into your home. They usually articulate quality in their personal appearance, their vehicles appearance and in the manner in which they approach you as a valued customer.

When you finally hire a genuine carpet cleaning professional you may initially invest a little more compared to the bait and switch carpet cleaners. The thing to remember is, if the price appears too good to be true it probable is. Your final arrival by hiring a true professional will be beautiful clean, soft and hygienically clean carpets that smell fresh and look beautiful after the carpet cleaning.

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  1. I am thinking about getting my carpets cleaned before my in-laws come and stay with us for Christmas because I want the house to be as clean as possible and give a good impression. My favorite part of this article is when you say to look for a carpet cleaning company that is willing to provide you with proof of their insurance and references that you can contact. I think this not only shows that the company is professional but also that they have previous customers who were satisfied with the quality of their work.

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