Of Course, Carpet Cleaning is our specialty. All Cleaned Carpets can deal with any carpet emergency you have from wine stains, red stains, spilled ink, dirty traffic ways, pet damage, or ¬†anything else! And while we are more than capable to clean your house/ apartment that isn’t the limit of our abilities, with experience in cleaning Restaurants, Retail spaces, offices, and gyms if you are looking for a quality carpet cleaner to get your place of business cleaned up right then you’ve found the right people. Utilizing the Hot water extraction method (also called steam cleaning) we can get the carpets cleaned without leaving a soapy residue or dirt. For particulalarly dirty or soiled carpet we can make use of our roto-vac tool, a deep cleaning tool that can get een th most stubborn stains out when combined with the right cleaning agent.

Hot water extraction is the method reccomended for cleaning by shaw carpets, leading carpet munfuactuter, and is required to mantian their warranties. Call us today for any carpet cleaning needs you may have

Carpet Cleaning Carson City NV